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All about Marriage Counselling

Many people tend to get into problems when they are in a relationship when this happens they go for relationship or marriage counselling which enables the relationship to be restored by reconciling their differences and the stress in the relationship.Marriage counselling involves members of a family or a couple and if it the family they may need to go for family therapy so mas to reconcile their differences.

Relationship counselling includes the duration it takes to get the counselling may be a short term therapy and can last between one to three sessions but the long counselling may take up to 24 sessions.Marriage counselling deals with problems which are intractable in the relationship’s history and there may be emotions which must be targeted so as to know what should be changed and how.

The method of counselling may differ from one couple to the other and so there is need for the counsellor to listen very carefully to what each party says about the other.Marriage counselling is done by social workers, counsellors, psychologists or psychiatrists who are well grained in issues of relationships and in many cases there is need to have accredited therapists but there are some volunteers who may do the counselling who are usually given training by governments or social services institutions.

There are full time professional marriage counsellors who counsel parties who are in marriage problems and there also counsel couples which are engaged to get married and teach issues about marriage and they advise why a marriage institution should have respect since it is meant to be a life-term affair. It is very important to have services or a professional counsellor who listen to both the parties and does not take sides.

A counsellor may want to understand the personality of both of them and since a relationship has unique perception and history.A marriage counsellor makes consideration when doing the therapy because the core tenet of the marriage counselling is that it must be intrinsically be beneficial to both the parties.

Numerous relationships may get strained with time and this may result in the relationship failure because of the maladaptive patterns which may make the couple to need skills of resolution which may make them not to divorce.The marriage counselling may be required if the couple have ill health, poor understanding of each other, poor communication, poor way of problem solving, greed, jealousy, arrogance, ego, insecure attachment and these are termed as negative interaction cycles which may make a couple to want to ;leave each other.

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